Boosting the interest and enjoyment of golf for younger people is as important as ever  at Ponteland Golf Club and we have taken the initiative by launching our own Junior Member’s Club. It is a special membership for all juniors which enables them to receive free coaching from our PGA Professionals and participate in a number of fun activities arranged on our facilities.

Throughout the Summer months, the club hosts Monday evening sessions where the juniors come after school and take part in all the activities available to them.

For many of the younger members this is their first taste of the sport, but the improvements made by all the juniors in the club is incredible. The Junior Members Club provides an excellent learning environment, matching tuition with fun skills tests appropriate for all ages and friendship groups.

As an extension from the Junior Members Club, players are going on to represent the club in the new Junior Sixes tournaments around the North East. This consists of a 6 person squad that play two person Texas Scramble over a 6 hole course. Having only introduced the Junior Members Club this year, it’s fantastic to see the competence of all those competing on new courses and with unfamiliar faces.

If you would like to sign a junior up for this special membership, or would to receive more information, please contact us on 01661 822689 ext. 3 and in addition, follow the progress of the Junior Members Club in the ‘Members’ header.

Skills Trophy

During each session, games are available for the juniors to take part and compete in. The skills trophy is awarded to the player who performs outstandingly when taking part in any of the skills based activities.

Green Jacket

The jacket is presented the the junior who not only performs well in the skills activities, but also demonstrates a number of other important attributes. The overall behaviour, desire to learn, politeness and care and encouragement towards others in the group is paramount.